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Slim shower tray series, height from 5 cm to 3.5 cm; can be installed at or above floor level. Also available in a solid version (Maxx Coat Solid)
that can be cut to the desired dimensions. Available in gloss white with or without non-slip bottom and in 6 matt colours.
The valve of the Slim shower trays is ø90. With siphon or vertical outflow

  • 1.60x0.80x0.05m
  • 1.40x0.80x0.05m
  • 1.20x0.80x0.05m
  • 1.00x0.80x0.05m
  • 1.70x0.70x0.05m
  • 1.50x0.70x0.05m
  • 1.20x0.70x0.05m
  • Acrylic ASTERITE (LUCITE ® SW)
White Gloss
Velour Beige
Velour Black
Velour Grey
Velour White
Velour Light Grey
Category: Standard, Maxx coat


ø90 low profile 60 mm eco chrome valve
ø90 70.5 mm CGS chrome valve 30 lit/min
ø90 61mm CGS chrome valve 60 lit/min

Wellness & Spa
A hot spa can definitely help you relax. Adding hydrotherapy (massage pressure from the jet nozzles) can relieve muscle tension and help you de-stress. Let your body feel the pleasure and enjoy your choice
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