Maintenance and disinfection kit CHLOR SPA

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KIT CHLOR SPA is a complete set of 6 basic products. It is based on stabilized chlorine, Trichloro 90/20 with high bactericidal and disinfectant action. It is a product that guarantees effective disinfection of SPA water.

• CHLORNET 20, disinfectant tablets of 20gr based on stabilized chlorine
• Idro PH-, water acidity corrector, 1L
• Alga Clean, cleansing fluid that fights and prevents
creating greenery in the spa, 1L
• Deterbord, disinfectant liquid against dirt and sediment, 750ml
• Foam Stop, against the creation of foam in the spa, 500ml
• Spa Clean, cleansing liquid against spa salts, 500ml
• pH tester, pH meter

Wellness & Spa
A hot spa can definitely help you relax. Adding hydrotherapy (massage pressure from the jet nozzles) can relieve muscle tension and help you de-stress. Let your body feel the pleasure and enjoy your choice
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