X15 Touch Professional for covering space from 6 to 29 cubic meters

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Professional steam generator kit with an external steam production unit, made of stainless steel, for high durability in continuous and long-term use (24 hours a day).
It has an electric drain valve and a steam diffuser with the possibility of diffusing essential oils and aromatic substances (aromatherapy).
Professional control screen (Touch) for external placement, with programmed on ans off functions, operating time and temperature management.
Programming descaling cycles.

Available in: 5 kw, 6 kw, 8 kw, 9 kw, 12 kw, 16 kw, 20 kw, 24 kw
Suitable for covering space from 6 to 29 cubic meters (m3)

* 1 kw = 1.2 m3 in an insulated space for Hammam, otherwise 1 kw corresponds to 1 m3 .

Wellness & Spa
A hot spa can definitely help you relax. Adding hydrotherapy (massage pressure from the jet nozzles) can relieve muscle tension and help you de-stress. Let your body feel the pleasure and enjoy your choice
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