Cleaning Disinfection

Disinfection Treatment SHOCK is an extremely effective treatment against fungi, bacteria and algae.
It is an ideal treatment in the initial phase of the spa for the initial treatment of the water, as well as for the renewal of the quality of the highly polluted or dirty water.

The pH is the scale for measuring the acidity or alkalinity of water. It is very important to keep the pH value constant, controlling the water daily, and to intervene whenever necessary with a PH regulator to restore the correct value (7.2- 7,6).

Disinfection is the most important phase for proper water hygiene. Proper and timely disinfection prevents the multiplication of bacteria and microorganisms in a timely manner, leaving the water suitable for use without risk to health.

Products for the daily care and maintenance of the spa.

Ideal products for solving specialized problems.

Complete proposal for the maintenance of the spa

Wellness & Spa
A hot spa can definitely help you relax. Adding hydrotherapy (massage pressure from the jet nozzles) can relieve muscle tension and help you de-stress. Let your body feel the pleasure and enjoy your choice
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